MONF (Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival) is delighted to unvail the Inaugural 2022 Photo Contest Winners below. An award celebration will take place during MONF to recognize these inspiring photographs and the photographers. MONF would also like to to thank the many outstanding entries. Thank you to our judges and contest organizers; Leon Smith, Sharon Shifflett, Chris Hoffman, and James Tetlow who performed an exemplary job as jurors, as the numerous entries were all worthy of consideration.

First Place: “Fox” by Tammi Gorsak

Second Place: “Easy Pickens” by Donte Hunter

Third Place: “Fluffing the Bridal Train” by Sharon Denny

Third Place: “Just a Snack” by Sharon Denny

Have some amazing photos you’ve taken recently? Wanna have the chance to see your work all over social media? Well here is your opportunity we are happy to announce that we are having photography competition will be held as part of the Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival (MONF). Images submitted should fit a “Nature” theme showing the wonders of nature such as animals, birds, insects, flowers, and even natural scenery.

For more questions and concerns please email Leon Smith at photocontestmonf@gmail.com