Oscar Awards

Prestigious Oscar Awards

The Maryland Osprey Nature Festival is pleased to announce the Oscar Awards – named after Oscar the Osprey, the Bay’s most skilled aerial angler.

The prestigious Oscar Awards recognize those who give their time, utilize their skills and talents, and continue to strive through their actions to be exemplary stewards of our natural resources and wildlife.

There will be one Oscar Award recipient for each category:

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2024 Oscar Award Winners

Meaningful Contributions to the Community Winner: Chesapeake Legal Alliance - Mr. David Reed and William Halnon

Dedication to Service Winner: Mary Hollinger, Calvert Nature Society

Inspire and Promote Excellence in Others Winner: Michael Academia, Osprey Watch - The Center for Conservation Biology

  1. Meaningful Contributions to the Community: Presented to a person or organization for activities completed over the prior year that have made a significant, positive impact in our community; winner has initiated meaningful contributions with measurable results. 2022 Recipient: Chris Hoffman. 2023 Recipient: Nancy McDonald. 2024 Recipient; Mr. David Reed and William Halnon.
  2. Dedication to Service: Presented to a person or organization showing initiative, a deep commitment, and dedication to service in our community as a steward of our land. 2022 Recipient: Greg Kearns. 2023 Recipient; Mike Callahan. 2024 Recipient; Mary Hollinger
  3. Inspire and Promote Excellence in Others: Honors a person who is building a sense of unity and purpose in our community while making noteworthy contributions through his or her time, actions, talents, and dedication. 2022 Recipient: Robert Randall. 2023 Recipient; Rick Smith. 2024 Recipient; Michael Acedemia.

The nomination committee will be diligently reviewing all of the nominees to select the three winners of the Oscar Awards for 2024; winners will be announced at the festival