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2024 Photo Contest: Rules And Entry Forms

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Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival Photography Competition

A photography competition will be held as part of the Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival (MONF).  Images submitted should fit a Wild Bird theme showing the wonders of wild birds  in their natural habitat.  Ideally, the images will not show the “hand of man.”

Competition Rules

  • All images must fit the Bird theme.
  • Contestants may submit up to 3 digital images.
  • Images shall not have a watermark that could identify the photographer.  
  • Images shall be submitted in a JPEG format with a file size not greater than 3 megabytes.
  • Images shall be submitted as attachments to an email sent to monfphotocontest@gmail.com beginning on February 1, 2024 but no later than March 18, 2024.
  • Images shall be renamed prior to submission as:  Photographer’s Name – Image Name – image number.  The image number shall be 1, 2, or 3 indicating which of the photographer’s entry it is.
  • Image submissions must be accompanied by the entry form.  The entry form may be found on the MONFwebsite – https://marylandospreyfestival.org/.
  • The photographer shall attest that they are the person that produced the image and that they are the copyright holder.
  • Awards of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be made.  First prize will be a $50 gift card, 2nd a $35 gift card, and 3rd a $25 gift card.
  • The copyright for all submitted images shall remain the property of the photographer but winning entrants grant the Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival (MONF) organizers the right to use winning images without additional cost in publicity materials associated with the 2024 and future Osprey Festivals.

Winning photographers will be recognized at a short ceremony on the day of the festival.

Photography Competition Entry Form

Photographers’s name: _______________
Photographer’s email address: _______________
Each photographer may submit up to three entries.  Photographs should be resized to no more than 3 megabytes.
Entries shall be attached to an email sent to monfphotocontest@gmail.com
Files for the entered photographs shall be renamed as follows:  Photographer’s Name – Image name – Image number.  For example John Doe would name his first image file submitted:  John Doe – Image Name -Image 1.
Name of the first entry:  _______________,  
Location where the image was taken. _______________,
Name of the second entry: _______________
Location where the image was taken. _______________,
Name of the third entry: _______________
Location where the image was taken. _______________,

The photographer by submitting this form attests that the photographer produced the submitted photographs and that they are the copyright holder.  The copyright for submitted photographs remains the property of the photographer, but the photographer agrees that winning photographs (first, second, and third) may be used with no additional payment by the Maryland Osprey Festival organization in press releases concerning the 2024 Osprey Festival and in publicity materials for future Osprey festivals.  The photographer also attests that any birds photographed are wild and free to fly anywhere.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First:  $50 gift card.
  • Second:  $35 gift card
  • Third: $25 gift card

The photographs shall be judged by a panel of judges selected by the Board of Directors of the Maryland Osprey Festival.  All decisions of the judges shall be final.

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